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Indulge in exquisite culinary creations while soaring through the skies. UKKO offers bespoke catering services for private jet travelers, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience.

Fine dining for private jets PARIS-LE BOURGET

Experience Luxury Catering

Like Never Before

Engaging flavours with subtle spices to create an exquisite experience for our clients. Our goal is to provide an exquisite catering service that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

For the discerning traveler. Dive into a world of gourmet indulgence exclusive to your in-flight dining experience

Exclusive Selection

Tailored for the connaisseur. We believe in luxury and personalization, crafting menus that perfectly match your taste.

Bespoke Menus

Experience masterful culinary artistry at unparalleled altitudes. At UKKO, every dish is a masterpiece ensuring an exceptional dining experience

Culinary Excellence

Experience the finest Catering Services in Paris

Our beautifully organised catering services at Paris Le Bourget will give you an atmosphere of sophistication and unsurpassed luxury enhancing your inflight experience. We ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience for our clients .

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Savor extraordinary culinary creations prepared by our world-class chefs, right in the comfort of your private jet. Elevate your journey with bespoke menus tailored to your taste, ensuring a taste of luxury at every altitude.

Gourmet In-Flight Dining

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Indulge in a world of flavors with our personalized menus crafted by top-tier chefs. Each dish is a masterpiece, using the finest ingredients and inspired by the destination you're heading to. A culinary journey awaits you on board.

Chef-Curated Menus

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Experience a seamless and luxurious dining service while in the skies. Our team takes care of every detail, from table settings to wine pairings, creating an unparalleled dining experience on your private jet. Your journey to Paris Le Bourget begins with exceptional taste.

Seamless Luxury Catering


Some have tried to tame her, but she was born to roam free, A unique spirit she is, full of mystery. Bold and shy in turns, Earthbound, yet yearning for the sky's embrace.

Through mystic forests, she's ventured, wild fires she's chased, Drawn to their flames, captivated by their warmth and light. She's scaled endless mountains' bewildering heights, Swum in tempestuous tides, seeking ocean depths' beauty.

Her hunger fuels her strength, her passion lends her grace, Exquisite, born to chase her dreams at her own pace. She's a one-of-a-kind beauty, and her name is UKKO.

UKKO's catering service is unparalleled. The quality of the food and the attention to detail is truly impressive.
  • How can I place an order with Ukko and how much notice is required?
    You can place your order through our website or by contacting our customer service team. We recommend placing orders at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability and the attention to detail your experience deserves
  • What kind of menus does Ukko offer, and can they be customized?
    We offer a variety of gourmet menus featuring local and international cuisine, all of which can be customized to meet your dietary preferences and restrictions. Our culinary team is dedicated to creating a personalized dining experience for each of our clients.
  • What happens if my flight is delayed or the schedule changes?
    We understand the dynamic nature of private aviation. Should your flight experience any delays or schedule changes, please notify us as soon as possible, and we will make the necessary adjustments to your catering order.
  • How does Ukko ensure the quality and safety of the food provided?
    Quality and safety are our top priorities. We source our ingredients from trusted suppliers, our chefs are trained in food safety and hygiene protocols, and we maintain strict quality control throughout the food preparation and delivery process.
  • How is the catering delivered to my aircraft?
    Our dedicated delivery team ensures that your catering is transported directly to your aircraft, adhering to all security protocols required by the Paris airport. We coordinate with your flight crew to ensure a seamless delivery.
  • Can Ukko provide catering for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries?
    Absolutely, we specialize in creating bespoke menus for special occasions. Let us know the event you are celebrating, and we will craft a unique culinary experience to mark the occasion.
  • What payment methods does Ukko accept?
    Ukko accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards, bank transfers, and certain mobile payment services. For details on payment options or to set up a corporate account, please contact our customer service.
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